What Are PALs®?

Short for Powerful Actionable Leads, PALs® are powerful because they’re influential decision-makers, and actionable because they come to you ready to take the next step. EMY and LIA have been hard at work filling your sales funnel with a steady stream of PALs® in two flavors:

mPALs® (Meeting-Ready Leads)
mPALs® are decision-makers that are ready to take action! They’ve been nurtured and informed and are primed for an initial meaningful meeting or discovery call with you and your team. Take these mPALs®, get out your calendar and go close that deal!

nPALs® (Neutral Information Request Leads)
nPALs® have been Identified as the right decision-makers, but aren’t quite ready to meet. They’re looking for more information and need a bit of time and nurturing. Make no mistake because of our unique AI powered superheroes EMY and LIA, these are connections worth having. nPALs® are great for inside sales people to follow up with, so gather your team and start connecting.

Your team deserves high-converting meeting-ready sales leads and that’s exactly what PALs® are.

When we say “powerful” and “actionable” we mean it. Take a look at some real world examples of our mPALS® and nPALS®

Here are a few actual PALs® we’ve delivered to our clients:

mPals® - Meeting-Ready Leads

pals example
pals example
pals example

nPALs® - Neutral Info Request Leads

pals example
pals example
pals example


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